We all know, used 2001 Gillig cars are sold without warranty! And worse, many unscrupulous dealers are notorious for skillfully hiding expensive mechanical issues! While buying a used car instead of new can save you considerable amount of money, millions of used cars being sold in the market have hidden problems. So, how can you protect yourself? The best way to detect potential issues is to run a VIN check and carefully review the car’s history report.

LOW Floor
15GGB1810110 15GGB1811110 15GGB1812110 15GGB1813110 15GGB1814110 15GGB1816110 15GGB1818110 15GGB2110110 15GGB2111110 15GGB2112110 15GGB2113110 15GGB2114110 15GGB2116110 15GGB2118110 15GGB2210110 15GGB2211110 15GGB2212110 15GGB2213110 15GGB2214110 15GGB2216110 15GGB2218110 15GGD1810110 15GGD1811110 15GGD1812110 15GGD1813110 15GGD1814110 15GGD1816110 15GGD1818110 15GGD2210110 15GGD2211110 15GGD2212110 15GGD2213110 15GGD2214110 15GGD2216110 15GGD2218110 15GGD2710110 15GGD2711110 15GGD2712110 15GGD2713110 15GGD2714110 15GGD2716110 15GGD2718110 15GGE1810110 15GGE1811110 15GGE1812110 15GGE1813110 15GGE1814110 15GGE1816110 15GGE1818110
Transit BUS
15GCA1810111 15GCA1811111 15GCA1812111 15GCA1813111 15GCA1814111 15GCA1816111 15GCA1818111 15GCA2010111 15GCA2011111 15GCA2012111 15GCA2013111 15GCA2014111 15GCA2016111 15GCA2018111 15GCB2010110 15GCB2011110 15GCB2012110 15GCB2013110 15GCB2014110 15GCB2016110 15GCB2018110 15GCB2110111 15GCB2111111 15GCB2112111 15GCB2113111 15GCB2114111 15GCB2116111 15GCB2118111 15GCD2010110 15GCD2011110 15GCD2012110 15GCD2013110 15GCD2014110 15GCD2016110 15GCD2018110 15GCD2010111 15GCD2011111 15GCD2012111 15GCD2013111 15GCD2014111 15GCD2016111 15GCD2018111 15GCD2110110 15GCD2111110 15GCD2112110 15GCD2113110 15GCD2114110 15GCD2116110 15GCD2118110 15GCD2110111 15GCD2111111 15GCD2112111 15GCD2113111 15GCD2114111 15GCD2116111 15GCD2118111
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